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New Waste Management Ecosystems

Goterra is the first company to deploy and commercialise a modular solution that uses robots to collaborate with insects to redefine waste management.

Existing waste management solutions struggle to adapt in a changing world where sustainability is a key focus and scaling waste disposal has become crucial.

We have imagined, and built, robots filled with maggots that process food waste. Our process produces both high protein stock feed (insect meal) and nutritious soil conditioner (frass).

The robotic technology allows us to automate systems and manage more waste, faster.
We’ve packed all this capability into a modular unit so that waste can be processed close to where it’s created without haulage and trucking costs.

Our system has been tested and we know it works. We believe if it can work here, and in remote regions of Australia, it can be an enduring solution for waste management ecosystems across the world.