Our Mission

Goterra is focused on the future stability of Australian agriculture and committed to providing regionally based, sustainable waste management solutions to Australian communities.


Goterra is focused on redefining how primary producers consider their waste management options.  We believe insect farming will play a vital role in the future success of Australian producers by providing an alternative to labour intensive, high infrastructure costs of traditional waste management options..


Goterra is committed to creating fundamentally sound processes and applications in the use of insects to manage waste streams.  We continue to expand our understanding of existing agricultural and urban waste management processes to this end.  And will continue to engage existing agricultural and waste industry experts to further develop our processes and models.


Whilst ever we have food waste we have the capacity to produce a nutritious, sustainable livestock feed at a stable and affordable price.  Goterra believes strongly in minimal waste, it’s not just a by-product of our production process it is also the foundation of our company.  We are committed to delivering quality waste removal and recycling services to urban communities.