Goterra is a waste management company.  Based in Canberra with a global focus, we raise insects on waste streams.

Our Vision is simple.  We’re providing a sustainable solution for food waste management, an alternative livestock feed compound for Primary Producers and we’re  redefining the culture of food waste by decentralising waste management and managing food and effluent waste, onsite.

Our Mission

We are committed to playing a vital role in the success of Australian producers by providing an affordable, stable and sustainable option to existing livestock feed choices.


Media coverage of Goterra innovation in farming Black Soldier Fly and Crickets for farm feed

Our Team

The breadth and range of the insect protein industry have only just started to emerge. Goterra is focused on developing processes and industry standards necessary to bring sustainable insect protein feeds to the Australian market.

Regulation and Process

The security of the Agricultural Industry of Australia is a significant consideration as we develop our operational principles and processes.