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Our Company

We believe that climate change is the crisis of our time and we want to be part of solving this problem. This means re-imagining what the world could look like tomorrow, and finding a way to change what we do today.

At Goterra we have imagined a tomorrow where automation and biology work in tandem to solve complex challenges like managing waste and creating feed security.

Our team is united in our common purpose and our people are drawn together from many disciplines – from technology and robotics to agriculture and fabrication.

Our Culture

Our culture keeps us purposeful, focused and inspired.

We know that our people are our greatest asset. And our team’s greatest strength is the positive and cohesive culture we have created. 

We are learning.

We see our work as a learning journey. We use our failures to drive innovation

We are in this boat together.

We paddle as a team.  Every crew member is responsible for reaching our destination.

Be yourself.

We embrace our differences and uniqueness. We work together in the spirit of love and friendship.

Keep it simple.

We try not to over complicate. Our communication is straightforward and direct.


Do the Maggot Math

When we “do the maggot math” we look for connectivity. We use creativity and ingenuity to solve problems together.

When there’s a problem with production, we know the solution lies in the interplay between biology (the maggot) and technology (the math). When we “do the maggot math” we look for the interconnections between components in a system. It’s how we solve problems together.

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