Maggots and change

You read a lot about being an entrepreneur when you begin the startup journey. There’s all sorts of different commentary from all the greatest entrepreneurs out there. Some times they agree on things and other times they don’t. The consensus for all the ones I admire, people like Glenn Keyes, Richard Branson and others, has been ‘Make giving part of your DNA’. Which is to say, don’t start corporate giving when you get rich, or your business gets big. Start when you start your business.

This message really resonates with me. I know first hand the value to non-profits of the support and work of skilled volunteers. Often times those volunteers can really change the course of your organisation. So I understand how helping at least a little bit can make a big difference.

Goterra has taken this advice to heart and two weeks before we moved into our new facility we made a donation of larvae to Viva Haiti. Together, we’re working on developing a breeding system that can be established in austere locations and develop processes to safely and appropriately use Black Soldier Fly Larvae to process some of their most insidious waste, sewage. This project could change the lives of some of Haiti’s most disadvantaged and as part of our support we’ll keep the Canberra team, researching the use of BSF for this project, supplied with larvae and assist with information and advice about breeding and raising BSF.

It’s only a few larvae and some sharing of knowledge, which on paper doesn’t sound as impressive as a new wing of a hospital. But we can already see the potential and we believe we can make significant change….. all with a few handfuls of maggots.