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Waste management infrastructure - for the world.

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We believe that climate change is the crisis of our time. And we believe that with transformative action we can beat it.

We are developing solutions to the problem. We are building infrastructure that supports the transition to a circular economy.

Our modular, decentralised, automated waste management units use maggots to consume food waste, at the location the waste is produced, converting it into sustainable protein and fertiliser


2 billion tonnes of waste is created globally every year

That number is growing, and it’s a contributing factor in the climate change driven ecological breakdown


By 2050, those numbers will have grown by 19%

As waste creation increases and climate exacerbated problems worsen, waste management will become the next crisis point


The solution is already here

Our innovative infrastructure turns food waste into high value, low impact protein and soil conditioner using maggots working in tandem with industrial robotics.

We are revolutionising food waste management

We no longer see it as a waste, we see it as a resource to produce high quality products.

  1. Our sustainable protein can be used directly in pet food and as a replacement for high impact protein ingredients in animal feed.  
  2. Our frass is a highly nutritious soil enhancer that improves the quality of our soils, making them more productive and more resilient to the impacts of climate change.

Our infrastructure integrates with any existing waste management infrastructure, so there is no disruption in waste management services. 


The outcome you want without the pain of change

“Sustainability is no longer an option. We have made such a habit of throwing things away that it’s hard to imagine doing things differently. We know that people don’t want to change, but we need to disrupt.

We have changed the outcome, without disrupting the process. You can still contribute to making the world a better place but nothing needs to change because we did the changing for you. Businesses need scalable, sustainable solutions. That’s Goterra in action”. 

Olympia Yarger, Founder & CEO  

We are stronger when we are in this together


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