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Waste management infrastructure - for the world.

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2 billion tonnes of waste is created globally every year

That number is growing, and it’s a contributing factor in the climate change driven ecological breakdown


By 2050, those numbers will have grown by 19%

As waste creation increases and climate exacerbated problems worsen, waste management will become the next crisis point


The solution is already here

Goterra uses robots collaborating with insects to solve waste management with lower emissions and a higher return on investment


Goterra offers complete food waste management infrastructure: clean organics from processing, kitchen waste and other pre-consumer waste streams, all the way to post-consumer restaurant and household food waste. We support both waste collection providers, collecting on behalf of their clients, as well as independent businesses seeking to recycle their food wastes.

Our technology is about integrating with existing systems to create enduring solutions. That’s a core part of who we are.

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Infrastructure. For every ecosystem.

We are an enduring solution that can integrate into waste management ecosystems across the world. We’re Australian, but we have a global vision for decentralised waste management. It’s a vision we’ve already built and deployed.

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