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Waste Management Infrastructure for the World

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Waste management systems for food waste in modular, autonomous shipping containers

Food waste bioconversion

Our modular, autonomous waste management units use insects to consume food waste. Directly where waste is produced or at our site.

We integrate our systems into your existing waste infrastructure with no disruption to your services.

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Goterra's insect farms convert food waste into sustainable insect protein and fertiliser.

Sustainable insect products

Our insect farms convert food waste into sustainable protein and fertiliser. It’s a high value, low impact and organic food source. And puts nutrients back into the food chain.

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Reimagining food waste

When you manage food waste with insects you radically reduce the impact it has on the world. Using insects in tandem with industrial robotics means we manage waste quickly and sustainably. And produce sustainable protein.

Goterra's transformational innovation will help us genuinely tackle climate change.

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Goterra Albury Receives its First Waste Delivery

On January 17th, 2022 Goterra Albury received its first delivery of food organics from Veolia. This was the first of many deliveries as Albury City Council embraces the circular economy. The new site improves the regions sustainability outcomes as it continues its path to net zero. The Albury site will process food waste from Woolworths, retail, hospitality, community operators, food producers and more within the Albury Wodonga region. Albury City…

In 2022, who will be the winners and losers?

As we enter 2022, some of us are hopeful for a better year as we emerge from the worst of the pandemic. But whilst it’s possible we are emerging from one crisis, we are absolutely 100% on the cusp of another much larger, more profound one.  We are two years into ‘the decisive decade’ and although emissions dipped in 2020 (largely due to lockdowns worldwide), they were back up in…

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